Wouldn’t you like to stop the: Lost weekends, Loss of control, Nausea, Feelings of helplessness, regrets? Instead of blaming your background, learn how you can:
1- Protect yourself against alcohol poisoning.
2- Repair your health after years of drinking.
3- Enjoy alcohol with less harmful side effects.
4- Improve your sleep.
5- Exercise better.
6- Improved concentration.
7- Increase your health.

After stumbling across this biochemistry secret to resisting alcohol, I gained more muscle, improved my confidence, improved my career, earned a degree and enjoyed my free time more.

WARNING: Making these kind of bio-chemical and life changes will very likely cause you to get healthier, leave dead end jobs and relationships and feel better about yourself.


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Also: Simple Secrets to Handle Your Alcohol Better


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Stomach Flattening

Learn the little known stomach flattening exercises & secrets of Optimum Posture, Concentrated Breathing, Body Builder’s Exercise Sequence, Power Nutrition, Elimination and Programming Behavior. Trim your waist without the starvation diets, calorie-counting or exhaustive, never-ending exercise.

“Valuable information in Stomach Flattening. It is like a fitness textbook that has been condensed and then re-written for busy people. I enjoyed Doug’s no-frills, plain language, get results approach. The section on changing behavior could have been a book in itself. Doug gives specific examples of how to change your mindset to get the results you desire. I highly recommend Stomach Flattening for fitness beginners or athletes who want stronger, slimmer midriffs.” –Laurie Bell, female body building champion, Colorado. Author of Lose the Lies, Lose the Weight.


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Winner of the 2012 Global eBook Award for youth literature.

Les Kingsley is sixteen, skinny and scared. He spends his days bullied at school, work and home until he makes an unlikely friend and mentor, Matt Selo. Through Selo, Les gains fighting skills, confidence and wealth that he had never known before. But, the bullies want to keep Les in his place and dangerous people, from both sides of the law want his new friend. Some of those people are closer to his family than the young man expects. As bullies, thugs and police close in, Les is forced to cross the blurred lines of right, wrong and loyalty.


Soft Cover $12.95