Some of the most high performing, fit, intelligent women fall into the trap of “Drunkorexia.”  (Guys too for that matter.)  We are not talking about the hard-drinking, chain-smoking factory worker.  But, rather the high speed lawyer (Read: A Girl Walks Out of a Bar” by Lisa F. Smith), athlete, salesperson or student. One thing that […]

Vitamin B12 vs AA meetings

Vitamin B12 has helped with hangovers, illness and alcoholism.  Most alcoholics (and anorexics) are deficient in vitamin B12.  I have to admit, I have felt much better after an inter-muscular injection of B12.  These shots are used by body builders, athletes, medical students and doctors treating alcoholics.  They make a nice short term solution.  Orally, […]

Outstanding Stamina

I once asked kung fu instructor, Al Cheng about what was most important in full contact fighting. The former 1979 Hong Kong lightweight champion answered me: “Stamina.” As a soldier and kick-boxer, I found this out on my own: To run out of gas is to run out of luck. The classic method of increasing […]

How to Un-crazy Yourself

Ever see a neurotic dog? In 1992, I was co-writing a book with the late dog trainer, Harold McCullough. Harold had trained dogs for prisons, police, movies and celebrities (eg. Sonny Bono). This particular day, a family approached him with their Doberman Pinscher. The poor animal was all twitchy, meek and scared. After a series […]