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Doug Setter, B.Sc is a personal trainer and author of Stomach Flattening, Reduce Your Alcohol Craving, How to Handle Your Alcohol Better, One Less Victim (a crime victim prevention guide) and Selo (award-winning teen novel on bullying). He was born with a club foot, had pneumonia three times by the age of six and was chronically underweight until adulthood. This led to a study of physical training, nutrition and self-defense where he was able to build himself from a 120 pound high school graduate to a 155 pound paratrooper, marathon runner and kick-boxer. As a kick-boxer, Doug competed in Canada and Hong Kong and later trained children and adults in competitive kick-boxing and his own cardio-kick-boxing system. At age 39 Doug entered university to earn a Bachelor of Human Ecology (Foods and Nutrition). At age 40, he won a welter weight kick-boxing championship and at age 47, he climbed Mt. Rainier.

Doug served as a paratrooper in the Canadian military and later as a UN peacekeeper in Croatia (former Yugoslavia) He has raised awareness for veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in swimming and running events as well as connecting with the media The CBC and New West Newsleader have interviewed him about his leading the Josh Fueston Memorial Swim for soldiers who died from PTSD.


Doug knows it was like to be picked last for sports teams, laughed at for trying out for the track team and almost refused to the military for being underweight.  (Yes, there used to be height and weight restrictions.) To be the shy, skinny kid getting slammed around the school hallways or beat up in a parking lot, fishing dock or a living room floor.

Kettle Bell champion, Trish Dong and Doug hauling 40 lb packs up the 5,000+ foot Grouse Mountain “Grouse Grind.”
With a military, martial art and fitness background, Doug has helped hundreds of people get out of their physical and personal ruts by getting stronger and healthier.


Woman in her forties, trapped in a bad relationship, drops 50 pounds and an abusive boyfriend. Finds new love. Opens a marketing business.
Woman in her late twenties, takes up kick-boxing, drops weight and goes onto earn her golden gloves in kick-boxing.
64 year old ex-cop , overcomes joint pain, begins working out again. Meets and marries a 44 year old woman of his dreams.
Fitness instructor in late twenties fitness instructor, enters a martial arts tournament for first time. Knocks out two Muay Thai fighters and breaks the nose of another.
Female university student helps defend boyfriend when boyfriend was being choked by another man. (The gal stepped in and threw an upper cut into the other guy’s ribs, knocking the wind out of him and ending the fight.)
School teacher learns kick-boxing, changes career to police officer.
Overweight 10 year old boy, gets fit enough to kick-box three rounds in a tournament.
79 year old woman performs advanced Pilates movements.
Woman army officer, in her late twenties, breaks the nose of a bar bully.
Sikh youth learn the outdoor skills of teamwork, night navigation, rock climbing and shelter. (And avoided being food for bears.)

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